Design process

  • First Consultation free of charge
  • Establish the design brief and define the scope and lines of communication
  • Set a platform for building a good relationship
  • Define all aspects of design, building material, type of building
  • Review the estimate
  • Develop the design
  • Use of ADNZ Client and Designer forms for approval to proceed and officiate the work
  • We proceed with detailed design once approval has been given
  • Taking drawings from Preliminary stage to Construction drawings and
    Job specification for Building consent application stage
  • If required we take the project through Tendering Stage process through to Construction Stage ensuring high quality end product

Fee Structure

  • We would be able to establish an appropriate fee structure for the project when the exact scope of work and related budget is known and confirmed and consider this appropriate so as not to mislead the Client
  • Our fees are strictly in accordance to ADNZ fee structure